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Healthcare related articles are not your typical "10 best ways to make your favorite smoothie" type of content. Also, various ChatGPT prompts may not always provide specific answers to your questions.

The internet has significantly increased access to health information, but it can be challenging for the average person to navigate. Misleading information and myths are prevalent on social media, advertisements, and even AI-powered websites, making it difficult to distinguish between credible and unreliable sources, especially when mixed with marketing narratives.

This site is part of the One Day MD network, which provides independent, unbiased, and consumer-focused health information. We recognize that it can be overwhelming for consumers to sort through the abundance of information available online, particularly if they lack a medical background. That is why we offer a network of wellness and health information sites that are consumer-centric, providing high-value information and independent insights. With over 30 years of cumulative experience in the healthcare industry, we are committed to providing reliable information that may be challenging to locate elsewhere.

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Network and Strategic Partners

We are a team of independent experienced healthcare and business executives who have come together, to leverage on our experience and our relationships in various healthcare related industries. We are in healthcare M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), wellness, beauty & medical aesthetics, stem cell research, regenerative medicine, lifestyle medicine and healthcare digital marketing, e-commerce.
For Consumers

We are a group of healthcare professionals who are passionate about wellness, regenerative medicine, cosmetic surgery and skincare related products and services. With all the misinformation out there on the internet, we realised that we are not leveraging on our extensive experience, professional expertise and insider knowledge and experience to solve this common problem in the current internet era.

Wellness and Medical Aesthetics are complicated subjects for the public. If doctors can find certain healthcare subjects difficult to understand, how are consumers supposed to decide on major healthcare related decisions? One Day MD tries to make it a little easier for consumers to understand. One Day MD was founded to empower you as a consumer, to make not only an informed decision but a wise one as well.

The original idea of the One Day MD program was started as a one day medical crash course for non-medical personnel. The internet has made the approach even more relevant as learning can be done anytime and anywhere now. Search engines have also replaced traditional libraries when it comes to information and education. 

The One Day MD network has evolved in order to guide you as a consumer; in making the right and safe decision. With the help of like-minded partners, we are doing what we can, in our small way to achieve this goal. We hope you'll join us in this effort.

We provide consumer guides to inform and educate readers on wellness related topics. One Day MD's sites cover topics regarding the wellness and medical aesthetic industry, focusing particularly on the Asian region and is dedicated for the everyday layman. Although we are currently in the mobile internet era, healthcare information is still fragmented rather than integrated; business centric rather than consumer centric.

Feel free to contact us at info[at]aestheticsadvisor[dot]com.

For Brand Owners, Doctors, Clinics, Business Partners and Investors

We are a team of experienced executives and doctors who have come together to leverage our experience and our relationships in the healthcare industry. Our main objective is to enhance growth for our partners and clients in the wellness niche.

We also have working relationships with research teams and universities, as well as hospitals and clinics in Malaysia. We are open to expand our eco-system to new partnerships in the area of regenerative medicine.

Aesthetics Advisor and One Day MD welcome community articles related to wellness and beauty. If you wish to submit an article or press release, please send it to info[at]aestheticsadvisor[dot]com. Our editors will review and decide if it's going to be published or not.

Organic SEO Projects (Search Engine Marketing)

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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce related services
  • Video Marketing
  • Connecting you with the right influencer, live-streamer, you-tuber, tiktoker, local artist etc.
  • Branding and Design Consulting. 
  • Offline to online digital and e-commerce transformation.
  • Paid online traffic (Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Ads)
  • Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Chatbot Marketing
  • Online Event Marketing and Live-streaming
  • Digital Marketing Advisory

Our Business Team
  • Steve Fong - Co-Founder, www.AestheticsAdvisor.com | Linkedin
  • Dr. Francis Yap - Co-Founder, www.OneDayMD.com
  • Azeril Zolle – Head, Business Development​ | Linkedin
  • Dato' Dr Al Wee - Head, Business Development | Linkedin
  • Dato' Seri Dr Peter Sia - Co-Founder, www.OneDayAdvisor.com | Linkedin
  • Daniel Ashari – Head, Social Media
  • Dr Jagdev Singh - Head, Information Technology, Chatbot and Training
  • Razak Zaha – Web Development​
  • Salahuddin Azami – Social Media Exec.​
  • Waill Tatari – Visual Designer​
  • Iskandar Zulkarnain – Visual Designer​
  • Li Yuan – Content & copywriter​
  • Nadiah Suhaimi – Content & copywriter​
  • Marissa Yap - Editor

One Day MD Facebook Community

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Feel free to contact us at info[at]aestheticsadvisor[dot]com for any enquiries or collaboration.


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