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David Sinclair Supplements List 2023

David Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. is a Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School . Dr. David Sinclair’s main research interest is the epigenetics of aging, with a focus on epigenetic reprogramming of aging (e.g. via Yamanaka factors ), NAD+ metabolism and sirtuins, and NAD+ precursors like NR and NMN . You may have come across his published, New York Times best-selling book on aging, “ Lifespan: Why We Age – And Why We Don’t Have To ”, going deeper into those subjects. So what supplements does Professor David Sinclair take to live longer? Keep in mind that to date, Dr. David Sinclair has made a point to not promote or endorse any supplement products. We compiled this list from interviews and books in which Professor David Sinclair mentions supplements he takes. We don’t know if he still takes these supplements, or whether he takes additional supplements

How Linoleic Acid Wrecks Your Health 2023

The majority of Americans might be misled by official health recommendations to eat “healthy” vegetable oils. Even the term “vegetable oil” is misleading because it gives you the impression that you are receiving vegetable micronutrients when these oils are actually highly toxic, industrially-processed seed oils. Seed oils are some of the most dangerous items you could eat. Tucker Goodrich and Dr Mercola discussed what will be the topic of Dr Mercola's next book, namely linoleic acid (LA), which he believed is likely the leading contributing cause of virtually all chronic diseases we've encountered over the last century. Unfortunately, this is a topic that most clinicians and health care practitioners who focus on natural medicine have only a superficial understanding of. Goodrich has a business background as a stockbroker and asset manager, and developed an IT risk management system used by two of the largest hedge funds in the world. A string of health cr